Enable Next-generation of Scientific Discovery and Knowledge with Tomorrow's Computational Technology

The International Center for Computational Sciences (ICCS) is an international collaboration, consisting of the University of California--Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, The University of Heidelberg and the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. ICCS is committed to:

Research and Development of Scientific High-performance Computing (HPC) Solutions

The center consolidates the expertise in hardware and programming within the collaboration and with outside partners to effectively address challenges facing the "explosion" of data of the order of petascale and exascale resulting from scientific experiments and simulations in the fields of physics, astrophysics, climate modeling, geosciences, medical imaging and others. The center strives to provide these scientific communities with solutions that are easy to adopt, energy efficient and effectual in implementation.

Community Building

The center leverages its primary location in Berkeley, California, which is near the heart of Silicon Valley by actively forging working relationship with industry leaders in HPC. The center is committed to the development of solutions that present the scientific communities with easy adoptability, energy efficiency and efficient operability. 

Education and Outreach

The center is committed to set the stage for exchange of new ideas and concepts. To achieve this, the center will organize workshops, conferences and training sessions, in addition to disseminating technical knowledge through publications, talks, web portals and downloadable materials.

Scientific Growth

The center will continue to explore opportunities for collaboration and funding resources to research and develop advanced solutions for the enablement and discovery of new science.